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About our Artist in Residence (AIR) Program

A Center for Artistic Expression

In late 2020, San Francisco Heritage launched a pilot program exploring the potential of the Doolan-Larson Building as a center of artistic expression. Individual artists and arts groups have lived, worked, and performed in, on, and around, the historic residence and storefronts ever since.

Jeremy Fish_Jon Dragonette.jpg
San Francisco visual artist Jeremy Fish inside the Doolan-Larson residence in the fall of 2020 (photo courtesy of Jon Dragonette).

With the success of these residencies, SF Heritage is working in collaboration with community members and arts practitioners to design a permanent artist-in-residence program. Draft goals include interpretation of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and the Counterculture; promotion of SF Heritage's mission to enhance and preserve San Francisco’s unique architectural and cultural history; and furthering racial and social equity through the arts.


Interested in participating in the development of this program? Reach out using our contact form.

For a look at some of the artists who have participated in our AIR program, view our Artists page

Actor Tina D'Elia as Hibiscus in front of 1506 Haight Street during a performance of EyeZen Presents "OUT of Site: Haight-Ashbury," June 2021 (SF Heritage photo).
Mission Statement for San Francisco Heritage Residencies Program:
San Francisco Heritage’s Residencies Program invites artists, activists, and academics to take inspiration from our mission—to preserve and enhance San Francisco's unique architectural and cultural identity—during a residency at Haight and Ashbury with its echoes of the counterculture.
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