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The creative people and programs at San Francisco Heritage's Doolan-Larson Building

Stanley Mouse (Visual Artist)
AIR dates: June-August 2022
Stanely Mouse_Peter McQuaid.jpg

Stanley Mouse holds his portrait of the Doolan-Larson Building, completed as part of his residency with SF Heritage. Photo by Peter Mcquaid.

From June 11 through August 31, 2022, San Francisco Heritage hosted the Haight-Ashbury’s original resident artist, Counterculture icon Stanley Mouse at its Gallery 1506 Haight exhibition space. Widely known for his psychedelic poster art promoting San Francisco’s art and music scene in the 1960s and ’70s, Mouse created pieces at a time when artists, musicians, organizers, and participants all contributed as the architects of the Haight-Ashbury’s short lived countercultural revolution.

Mouse’s exhibit showcased a career that now spans 60 years. He unveiled a new drawing of the Doolan-Larson Building, a San Francisco landmark that is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places, created three new posters featuring Haight-Ashbury legacy businesses (Piedmont Boutique, FTC Skateboarding, and Zam Zam), and displayed new and past Grateful Dead art in celebration of frontman Jerry Garcia’s 80th birthday celebrations.

Blake Slonecker (Scholar/Researcher)
AIR dates: July-August 2022
Slonecker Headshot.jpg

Blake Slonecker (he/him) is a Heritage University professor. Through a three-week residency, SF Heritage supported his archival research in the Bay Area for his project on the broad political agenda of the Sexual Freedom League (SFL), originally founded in New York City in 1963. The group, which went on to establish largely independent local chapters in several other states in the midwest and west coast, played a dynamic role in the Bay Area’s sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Blake Slonecker.

Chibueze Crouch (Multimedia Artist, Writer, Curator)
AIR dates: June-July 2022
Chibueze in Time of Change_Sept_2021_Chani_Bockwinkel.jpg

Chibueze Crouch (she/they) is a Nigerian American multimedia artist, writer, and curator working across ritual theater, song, movement, and film. Chibueze is the cofounder of the directorial and performance duo OYSTERKNIFE, an SF Heritage artist in-residence and creative force behind September 2021’s “Time of Change” in the Haight-Ashbury. During their residency at the Doolan-Larson Building, Chibueze produced writings about the recorded audio and research OYSTERKNIFE conducted on Black histories in the Haight, including short profiles of the interviewees, poetic musings, and (where permission is granted) excerpts of additional material that wasn't included in "Time of Change."

Chibueze Crouch  performing “Time of Change” in the Haight-Ashbury, September 2021. Courtesy of Chani Bockwinkel.

Mark Dean Veca (Visual Artist)
AIR dates: May 2022
Mark Dean Veca_Ornamental Illness.jpg

During his one-month residency at the Doolan-Larson Building, artist Mark Dean Veca created a new set of drawings and paintings inspired by the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood’s past and present. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, for over thirty years Veca has produced murals, paintings, drawings, installations, sculptures, prints, designs, and other sundry inventions. During his residency, Veca ran a concurrent exhibition, Mark Dean Veca: Ornamental Illness, at SF Heritage’s Gallery 1506, located at 1506 Haight Street on the groundfloor storefronts of the Doolan-Larson Building. Running from May 7, 2022 through May 29, 2022, the exhibition featured a new suite of screen-printed editions originally created during a residency at The Space Program in San Francisco in 2021. Veca also hosted an artist talk on May 14, 2022 with Renny Pritkin, former curator at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. 

Mark Dean Veca, 76, 2022. One-color screen print on Coventry rag vellum 320gsm, 53 x 39.5”, edition of 10

Linda Kelly (Journalist)
AIR dates: February-April 2022

Linda Kelly, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Haight Street Voice, served as SF Heritage's first Journalist-in-Residence at our 1506 Haight Street pop-up gallery from February to April 2022. Kelly used the gallery as an office space, and a place to host interviews with Haight-Ashbury neighbors and passers-by for articles in her quarterly magazine, social media posts, videos, and her monthly newsletter. Learn more about the Haight Street Voice here.

Linda Kelly stands in the doorway of 1506 Haight Street. Photo courtesy of Linda Kelly.

Ben Juodvalkis (Musician)
AIR dates: January-April 2021

Ben Juodvalkis composing in the attic of the Doolan-Larson Building, 2021.

San Francisco composer Ben Juodvalkis created a multi-room "audio documentary" to support future public tours and events at the Doolan-Larson Building. He combined spoken content of Counterculture participants with original music composed onsite, creating compositions unique to selected rooms. Among the work Ben wrote and recorded was "The Duke of the Haight," a ballad to Norm Larson.


Since 2007, Ben has composed for more than fifty organizations, ranging from avant-garde museum installations to corporate keynotes. Additionally, he has released five albums and toured extensively with his rock band, Battlehooch. Juodvalkis' residency directly preceded his collaboration with Joe Goode Performance Group, whose Heritage-supported piece Time of Change debuted in September 2021.

"Movement in Place" (4:12)
Jimmie Fails (Actor/Writer)
AIR dates: June-August 2021
Jimmie Fails inside DL Building.png

Jimmie Fails inside the Doolan-Larson Building, 2021.

During his residency, Jimmie Fails (The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) compiled a collection of poems, short stories, and journals, as well as continued his work on a script about his experience growing up in a group home. While he is most known for acting, he has been eager to get his personal writing out to the public, and took inspiration from the Doolan-Larson Building and other Haight-Ashbury historic properties. Fails also collaborated with Haight Street legacy clothing shops on a photo exhibition, co-presented with ValueCulture and hosted at the SF Heritage pop-up space at 1506 Haight Street.

Melecio Estrella (Choreographer)
AIR dates: September-December 2021
Melicio Estrella.png

Melecio Estrella inside the Doolan-Larson Building, 2021.

The Doolan-Larson Building served as an artistic home for the creative forces behind Time of Change, SF Heritage's collaborative performance piece with Joe Goode Performance Group (JGPG) in September 2021. Co-director Melecio Estrella, the associate artistic director of famed aerial company BANDALOOP and member of JGPG since 2004, served as SF Heritage artist-in-residence while working on the show. He brought in his aerial expertise to activate the Doolan-Larson Building’s exterior architecture, alongside explorations of personal family histories, spirituality, and psychedelia.

Echoes of Hope - Melelcio Estrella at the Doolan-Larson Building (5:01)
Gabriele Christian and Chibueze Crouch (OYSTERKNIFE, Choreographers)
AIR dates: September-December 2021

OYSTERKNIFE: Gabriele Christian and Chibueze Crouch

Choreographers Gabriele Christian and Chibueze Crouch (OYSTERKNIFE), two of the creative forces behind Time of Change, served as SF Heritage artists-in-residence while working on the show. OYSTERKNIFE are a queer Black duo who create works rooted in traditions from the African Diaspora. They choreographed one of Time of Change's primary sites, exploring the Black narrative of liberation in the larger context of this show’s historical timeframe. 


Explore Gabriele and Chibueze's (coming soon) individual residency projects:

Jeremy Fish (Visual Artist)
AIR dates: September-December 2020
Mnasidika_Peggy Caserta_Jeremy Fish drawing.jpg

"The Queen of Jeans" by Jeremy Fish, celebrating Peggy Caserta and her clothing shop Mnasidika.

San Francisco visual artist Jeremy Fish inaugurated SF Heritage's Artist-in-Residency program at the Doolan-Larson Building in September 2021. During his three-month residency, Fish interviewed Haight-Ashbury residents, Counterculture figures, and historians to imbue his art with depth and authenticity. The resulting series of intricately-detailed pen and ink drawings celebrated the Haight's rich Counterculture history, and paid homage to San Francisco's poster-art tradition made famous by artists including Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, and Victor Moscoso. Fish's artwork was displayed and distributed in various formats and venues, including the free exhibition "Living in the Past" at the Haight Street Art Center.

"Jeremy Fish & The House on Haight" (4:06)
Recorded Interviews with Haight luminaries


EyeZen Presents
AIR dates: June-July 2021
Tina D'Elia at 1506 Haight.jpg

Tina D'Elia as Peggy Caserta in a performance of "OUT of Site: Haight Ashbury" in front of 1506 Haight Street (SF Heritage photo).

EyeZen Presents' OUT of Site: Haight-Ashbury premiered in June 2021, with performances anchored at the Doolan-Larson Building. This queer-history tour celebrated the Haight-Ashbury's contributions to the Gay Liberation Movement. Award-winning actor Tina D'Elia portrayed two key figures from the era, Peggy Caserta and George Harris III aka Hibiscus, while steering audiences on a series of virtual and live-street theater performances throughout the Haight. Caserta, an openly bisexual woman, owned and operated clothing store Mnasidika in one of the Doolan-Larson Building's storefronts from 1965 to 1968. As the first “hip” store in the neighborhood, Mnasidika was instrumental in the development of Haight-Ashbury as a hippie enclave. Hibiscus founded the pansexual theater collective known as the Cockettes, and left a lasting mark across the worlds of drag, theater, music, and fashion. 

Joe Goode Performance Group
AIR dates: September 2021
Time of Change performance_Chani Bockwinkel.jpg

Dancers from Joe Goode Performance Group perform in the finale of "Time of Change" at the Doolan-Larson Building, September 2021 (photo courtesy Chani Bockwinkel).

Time of Change, SF Heritage's exciting artistic collaboration with San Francisco legacy business Joe Goode Performance Group (JGPG), was created by co-directors Joe Goode/Joe Goode Performance Group, Melecio Estrella, and OYSTERKNIFE (Chibueze Crouch + Gabriele Christian). This innovative in-person performance guided small audiences through the streets of the Haight-Ashbury to experience several moments of movement, music, and monologue, culminating in a vibrant finale at the Doolan-Larson Building with singers, aerial dancers, and video projections on the building's façade. 

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