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Chibueze Crouch on Black Life in the Haight and Life as an Artist-in-Residence

SF Heritage's Kerri Young (right) interviews Chibueze Crouch inside the Doolan-Larson residence, July 13, 2022.

We had lots of fun filming at our historic Doolan-Larson Building today with our artist-in-residence Chibueze Crouch (she/they)!

SF Heritage's Ashley Wright does a sound-check with Chibueze, July 13, 2022.

Chibueze is a Nigerian American multimedia artist, writer, curator, and cofounder of the directorial and performance duo OYSTERKNIFE. As an artist-in-residence, she is writing about the recorded audio and research OYSTERKNIFE conducted on Black histories in the Haight, originally commissioned for (previous SF Heritage AIR) Joe Goode Performance Group's site-specific performance "Time of Change" in September 2021.

Chibueze talked to us about her research process, discovering little-known aspects of early Counterculture history, and the unique experience of living and working at the corner of Haight and Ashbury. Afterwards, she took us on a tour of some of her favorite parts of the Doolan-Larson residence, left intact by previous longtime owner Norman Larson.

Stay tuned for more on Chibueze's writings/oral histories as we work with her to make them publicly accessible, and in the meantime check out her "Community Voices" column for SF Heritage's July-September issue of SF Heritage News:

Chibueze gives a tour of the Doolan-Larson residence, July 13, 2022.



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