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Journalist-in-Residence Linda Kelly covers the Haight-Ashbury beat from SF Heritage's Pop-up Gallery

SF Heritage welcomed Linda Kelly, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Haight Street Voice as our first Journalist-in-Residence at our pop-up gallery on the corner of Haight & Ashbury from February to April 2022.

Linda Kelly stands in the doorway at 1506 Haight Street. Photo courtesy of Linda Kelly.

Kelly used the gallery as her pop-up office space to interview neighbors and passers-by for articles in her quarterly magazine as well as for social media posts, videos, and her monthly newsletter.

Linda Kelly inside 1506 Haight Street. Photo courtesy of Linda Kelly.

“The mission of the Haight Street Voice is to give you hyper-local attention with a global perspective, a voice of the people for the people to help preserve the spirit of the community, the message/vibe that lit the 1960s, and to encourage the Haight-Ashbury community to honor, respect and carry on the counterculture’s messages, as well as strengthen the connection and communication between merchants, residents, tourists, homeless, old, young, and future born” Kelly explained. "This magazine is by and for the people — to give people a voice."

“Linda Kelly is a fixture of the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. She radiates positive energy and curiosity about passersby," said Karalyn Monteil, President & CEO of San Francisco Heritage. "She was an ideal first ‘journalist in residence’ for San Francisco Heritage, as her magazine is aligned with the mission of our Residence Program, which invites artists, activists, and academics to take inspiration from our mission—to preserve and enhance San Francisco's unique architectural and cultural identity—during a residency at Haight and Ashbury with its echoes of the counterculture.”

Learn more about the Haight Street Voice here:



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