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APOCALYPSE WHEN? A Zoltron Pop-up Shop at 1506 Haight Street Gallery

WHEN: Opening Saturday, April 15 (12pm – 6pm) and running until May 7, 2023

WHERE: Gallery 1506 located in SF Heritage’s Doolan-Larson building at 1506 Haight Street (at Ashbury) in San Francisco (

WHAT: Seekers of the secret sources of San Francisco’s underground art scene need to know about the pop-up gallery exhibit to end the world, Zoltron’s “Apocalypse When?” which is coming to the heart of the Haight.

Zoltron (, the city’s own anonymous art-bomber, has cross-pollinated art and commerce, opening a 3 week retail experience unlike any other. He will be dropping stoney Armageddon safety kits, Molotov cocktail ignition supplies, shirts, hats, and Norwegian Death Metal hoodies for the kids. There will be a show of his recent serigraphs, letterpress prints, and limited-edition acid blotters, all sundry markers of the end times.

To capture the shining spirit of the rapture, a secret, spectacular, never-seen-before new bronze of Zoltron’s Foo Fighters dead-head pilot will be unveiled, and his iconic character Sue Nami will make her appearance as a life-sized resin cast displayed on a toxic waste container. Rare items of the new nuclear age, sculptures, and evocative grails will be carefully selected from the archives. Tantalizing high-end, superior quality collectibles crafted from sexy aluminum, paper, nickel, wood, and enamel will seduce and satisfy the most selective and obsessive poster-fiend. Zoltron has produced a limited edition run of tie-died Sue Nami t-shirts in honor of the hippy horde and will serve a special brew of Sue Nami’s own blue-collar beer.

ABOUT ZOLTRON: Artistic Cult leader Zoltron is followed by a rabid horde of devoted fans who compulsively collect his posters and art – exclusive, limited editions made only for followers who have their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. He is the creator of the secret visual sauce of Primus, and the confidante of collectors of concert-posters made for Ween, Foo Fighters and Pussy Riot. During Apocalypse When? Zoltron will drop fresh multi-layered silk-screen prints made personally for Debby Harry and Iggy Pop, the punk king and queen of catastrophe.

Zoltron’s street-cred is impeccable. Apocalypse When? follows on the heels of a hot residency by Stanley Mouse, one of the big five of San Francisco’s great rock and roll poster designers. Gallery 1506 is in San Francisco Heritage’s historic Doolan-Larson building, which stands at the epicenter of alternative San Francisco, the bohemian heart of hip, the most famous address in the freewheeling and freethinking world.

Zoltron has caught the attention of elite collectors. Mutual Art’s magazine featured him in their “Emerging Markets” section. London’s Victoria and Albert Museum collects Zoltron’s posters for their historic significance and exhibits of his work have been held in Paris, Los Angeles, and New York. San Francisco’s own de Young Museum, Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Boston Museum of Fine Art, and the US Library of Congress own collections of his iconic posters. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives possess over forty Zoltron serigraphs

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